Talk Shows

Almost Live!

Hosted by Easton Doran and Jeff Bulmer

Jeff and Easton just chill in the booth and talk over music about strange musical quandaries and stuff. It’s like we’re live, but without the weather or traffic to prove it to you!

Off The Cuff

Hosted by Jeff Bulmer and Alex Shaw

Jeff and Alex sit down to discuss movies and  video games 
in this weekly podcast. Guests will be frequently brought in to facilitate discussion and participate in recurring segments such as Movie of the Month.

Treading the Void

Hosted by Chidi Agbo

Chidi and his guests explore various philosophical quandaries.


Hosted by Brenden Studer and Jan Ragnvaldsen

Brenden and Jan discuss all matters WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) as they walk you down the road to Wrestlemania 32 (Apr. 3, 2016) with a weekly podcast.

Talkin' 'Bout Practice

Hosted by Stephen Dass and Grayson Leahy

Stephen Dass and Grayson Leahy chat about sports (and whatever comes up). Never a dull moment with these funny bastards! Tune it to Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice every week to hear more, and to get much-needed updates on the world of athletics.

Pussy Power

Hosted by Sydney Dorfman and Elora Bascello

Elora Bascello, co-anchor, Sydney Dorfman are the proud hosts of Pussy power. Elora, a management major and Sydney, cultural studies major will be addressing topics of feminine interests. Also topics including, music/culture, and current UBC campus culture. Controversial topics will be discussed ranging from, aboriginal rights, women’s rights, and current and past popular culture.

Softcore Radio

Hosted by Easton, Jack and Riley

This is where Easton, Jacky, Riley (and maybe sometimes Bryan) express themselves. Taboo topics, impersonations, and general tomfoolery combine to produce a veritable s**t-storm of “lols”. It is not for the faint of heart.

Artist Talk

Hosted by Easton Doran.

Heatwave is not restricted to music. This is home to all the musical artists throughout the Okanagan region.

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