Artist 112: The Flatliners


Easton talks to Chris (lead singer) of The Flatliners. Chris brings great insights about maturation and artistic expression. The Flatliners play in Kelowna on June 14th, 2016 (Easton’s birthday!).

Tracklist (all songs by The Flatliners):

  1. Resuscitation Of The Year

  2. Bury Me

  3. Birds Of England

  4. Drown In Blood

  5. Sew My Mouth Shut

  6. Caskets Full

  7. Ashes Away

  8. Hounds

  9. Dead Hands

  10. Quitters

  11. Tail Feathers

  12. Young Professionals

  13. Brilliant Resilience

  14. Shithawks

  15. He Was A Jazzman
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