Music Shows

At Heatwave, we hand-pick our music based on years of personal research. We aim to expand the listener’s musical palate with immense variety in genre, and to diversify our community’s radio presence. Our content is curated based on expert opinions and popular demand. We hope you enjoy the harmonic cornucopia we have to offer.

Do not hesitate to contact us with musical demos, song requests, performance applications, or other suggestions.

* Note: Listener discretion is advised for all shows due to crude language and, potentially, offensive material in the songs played. Songs on our shows do not necessarily reflect the views of Heatwave Radio, UBC Okanagan, the Student Union Office, or any other affiliates.


Hosted by Easton Doran

This show features exclusive interviews and live performances by professional musicians and unsigned artists. The intensive format, including full album coverage, allows for the creators to fully express their art. For the love of talent.

The Community Show

Hosted by Easton Doran

Come join our music community! We’ll be playing great local music and unsigned artists from across the globe. We want to give Kelowna a voice and let everyone have their art heard. Live action like Freestyle Fridays, interviews, discussions, and other performances are a core part of the show.


Hosted by Easton Doran and Alex “Gee” Girard

This is the perfect show if you need a kick of soft catharsis, or if you just feel like chilling out for a study break. Our guest performers will be sure to impress you.

The Album Show

Hosted by Jeff “Bandshirt” Bulmer and Easton Doran

Jeff and Easton feature a new “classic album”each week. This does not necessarily designate a monumental record, nor even a platinum record. The albums are chosen based on their merit – if they should be classics.


Hosted by Chidi Agbo

Featuring the biggest names in classical music, from Mozart to Jenkins.


Hosted by Mark Coutts

Marky Coutts talks about trucks and dogs and beer and proches and summer and girls in shorts. Just kidding, he gives you a wide array of country sub-genres to extend your palette, spanning from the dustbowl 30s to the present day. Sophisticated southern jams!
 Explicit content.

Deep Nights

Hosted by Papa Midnight

Long day of classes? Tune in and chill out as Papa Midnight shares some of his favourite tracks to relax to. On this program, you’ll hear a huge selection of night music ranging from pop acts like Amy MacDonald and Wham!, to New Wave legends like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and even some classic rock from the likes of Dire Straits and The Eagles.


Hosted by Mark Coutts

Mark Coutts highlights some of the stranger musical ventures or the modern era. You’ll be kept on your toes. Perk your ears, and get ready to wonder.
 Explicit content.


Turn up to these club beats. The party is right here, emanating from our 8×4 soundbooth.
 Explicit content.

The Grind

Hosted by Ahmed “aFTerDeff” Dirar

Hip-hop. Rhythm-And-Poetry. The mothaf#%king Grind.
Hosted by Ahmed “aFTerDeff” Dirar.
Explicit content.

Grooves + Vibes

Hosted by DJ Battery

Heatwave’s own DJ Battery guides you through the finest, most conscious reggae in the world! Get your vibes right, breddah. Grooves N’ Vibes, mon.


Hosted by Easton Doran

Shred the gnar to these killer tracks. “Heavy” on Heatwave Radio hosts hard rock, heavy rap, metalloid, core, hardcore, punk, hardcore punk, and a bit more! You live hard. Heatwave hits hard.
Mildly explicit content.

Hot Jazz

Hosted by Sam “Century Sam” Hunt

Smooth and silky tunes.


Hosted by Jeff Bulmer

Too brutal for normal radio? Heatwave brings you “Metal”, with resident blacksmith Jeff “Band Shirt” Bulmer. This show includes all subgenres of the ancient art of ear-smashing. Tune in if you want to have your face melted.

Prospect Sound

Hosted by Charles Landa

Prospect Sound brings you the best in all things house. From deep house to future and bass, this hour-long show will set the sound to the night ahead.


Hosted by Easton Doran and Alex “Gee” Girard

Real alternative and indie rock lives here! (Ok, maybe some good mainstream stuff does too.) For the tasteful modern rock listener.


Hosted by Easton Doran

A solid radio station isn’t complete without a classic rock segment. We pay our respects to the greats of rock and roll on Throwback. Tune in for timeless acts like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, and all the others!
Mildly explicit content.


Curated by the Heatwave community

Wavelists are in a unique format. We bring you uninterrupted tracks for specific occasions or feels.
Mildly explicit content.

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